The PMX Landlord Experience

PMX provide an exceptional landlord experience, understanding the foundations of property investment, including;

Highest Possible Rental Return

In-depth market knowledge, detailed leasing campaigns and expert negotiation skills ensure properties are leased quickly, at premium prices.

Tenant Selection

Thorough investigation and background checks are completed on all potential tenants. Financial, identification and employment documentation are obtained, as well rental and employment references. Finally, PMX conducts not one but two national tenancy database checks (NTD and TICA).

Detailed Inspections

Comprehensive inspection reports not only provide clients with complete transparency regarding the condition of their investment but also serve as evidence in the event of a dispute. PMX utilise the latest technology to conduct inspections and make reports, photos and videos available to clients within minutes of completing the inspection.

Well-Maintained Property

PMX not only organises repairs as required, we provide recommendations for any future improvements to maximise rental return. We work within client requirements and implement budgets for future improvements, to minimise cash flow disruptions.

Risk Management

Landlord compliance requirements are constantly increasing. PMX keeps abreast of any changes in legislation and adjust our service offering and processes accordingly. Regarding occupant safety, PMX minimises landlord risk by ensuring safety inspections (smoke alarm, gas and electrical) are completed in a timely manner by experienced and qualified trades.

PMX understands the investment experience and provides an exceptional management service.